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Plastic Free Island  is a documentary film in the making, the first short-form documentary was released in 2015 and premiered at the BLUE Ocean Film Festival in Monaco at the Oceanographic Museum.  A winner of multiple international awards, including Honorable Mention from Cinemare Film Festival in Kiel, Germany (2016) and a Bronze Award from Spotlight Short Film Awards (2016), our films have screened in hundreds of venues around the world since 2013.  With Athens-based film team Nickos Myrtou and Sergio Ko, and Atlanta-based sound artist Craig Dongoski, each year we build on material shot for the long film.

View the 30 minute short film Plastic Free Island ~ Kefalonia, released in 2015, ambient exhibition films, teasers and short cuts on links below.~

PLASTIC FREE ISLAND ~ Kefalonia